Researcher Resources

Academic Twitter accounts

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Here Are 15 Indispensable Academic Twitter Accounts [accessed 030717]

Researcher #hashtags

#phdchat [accessed 030717]

#ecrchat fortnightly global discussion for the early career researcher community via Twitter. The chat is intended mainly for the discussion of post-PhD career issues. [accessed 030717]

#overlyhonestmethods [accessed 030717]

Courses and Guides

Course: Making the most of twitter for academics [accessed 030717]

Guide: Using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities [accessed 030717]

Short Guide: Using Twitter at academic conferences [accessed 030717]

Articles and Blogposts

How useful is Twitter professionally? [accessed 030717]

Inside HigherEd: A Defense of Academic Twitter [accessed 030717]

Leigh Sparks My serious academic use of blogs and Twitter [accessed 030717]

The Chronicle of Higher Education: 10 Commandments of Twitter for academics [accessed 030717]

Social Media Today: 100 things to tweet about besides yourself [accessed 030717]

Kevan Lee:  23 seldom used ideas for how to use Twitter lists (The industry/advertiser focused ideas are obviously less relevant) [accessed 030717]